Tuesday, 4 November 2008

On the Night of the 4th

Right, so it's nearly ten o'clock on November the 4th, 2008. This means that south of the border the Yanks are electing a new president. I've discussed this a bit yesterday under the guise of literary criticism.

To all non-Canadian readers I have (most of them?), I can tell you we're following this election pretty closely up here. A fair few of my friends have changed their Facebook stati to support Obama; downstairs the TV was on CNN, as I had been watching some of the election coverage. The papers are full of it, and so are the conversations. We're abuzz, because whenever that great elephant to the south rolls over, he steals all our covers.

Yet I know nothing about the election. I hear Obama actually gave some more concrete campaign promises in the last few months, but I haven't really found out what (other than 'change' and 'hope,' which is starting to drive me nuts). McCain doesn't seem as problematic as Bush, but I'm not sure what he stands for, either. And the TV hasn't ever told me anything informative. I'm serious. It hasn't. It's given me loads of spin and rhetoric and poll numbers and predictions, but not anything about what anyone stands for. Thanks, guys. Thanks a bundle. Obviously the US doesn't care whether Canadians know anything about their politics, so they won't spend money to keep us educated. All I know is that I stopped watching the election coverage because it doesn't matter--it's all speculative and doesn't seem terribly accurate.

So we'll find out tomorrow, I'm sure, and, either way, day will follow night; age, youth; disappointment, expectation; births, uncontrolled hormones. In other words, the world will keep it's axis.


I'm going to start exploring/following this blog. I know so few converts; this seems to be an excellent way of learning about religion. Incidentally, I found this blog at this site, in the Blogger's Choice Awards, under the 'Religious Blogs' category. I was surprised at the number of atheist blogs on that list. Most atheists claim that they are not religious (utter BS, in my opinion, but let's go with that for the moment anyway), so why do atheist blogs get to be under religious blogs? It seems like an admission that they are religious. I see it as an either-you-are-or-you-aren't situation. Do you follow? Let's put it this way: I have no problem with atheist blogs being categorized under Religious Blogs, so long as the atheists responsible for the blogs stop denying that atheism/scienticism is a religion.


This isn't good. I have to much work to do to be blogging. Gah!


[Update] One last thing before bed/work...

I think I will also spend some time (whatever scrap of time I have) looking at this blog. It's an atheist blog, one of the ones mentioned above. I figured, what the hey, if I want to understand what's going on, I'd better read one of these, too. So far I think the author's pretty closed-minded and bigoted, and I've been looking for the most non-atheist friendly posts I can. However, maybe decency is hidden between the cracks in here, and, if it exists, I will root it out! Or maybe I should just try to pick a different atheist blog, one that's a little less extremist.

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