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As a result of some digital housekeeping, I now have some index posts. They are arranged below in chronological order. (This introduction may need to be re-written.) I suppose this is an index of indices.

Taxonomies for Religions In these posts I try to compile different ways of conceptualizing religions. Should be useful for fantasy and sci-fi worldbuilding, for tabletop roleplaying games, and for understanding real religions and religious people. In progress.
A Theory of Reading (1.0) This is a series of posts in which I outline a very bare-bones, simplistic, maybe even naive theory of textual interpretation.
Notes on Depression These posts are largely about my mental health and the stuff I've learned dealing with depression.
Moral Foundations These posts are largely about Moral Foundations Theory and my speculations about it.
What Genres Mean These posts are largely about my attempts to figure out what is happening in assorted generic forms and conventions. It is divided into sub-sections.
Good People and Going Wrong In these posts I struggle with meta-ethics. I draw no conclusions.
The Boundaries of Self In these posts I attempted to come up with some sort of sense of what bounded a person's identity, bodily, socially, and psychologically, but it spiraled out of control when I realized the topic was way bigger than I could handle. Unfinished.
Writing Package These posts were selected because they might help other amateur authors.
Dawkins Directory These posts outline my response to Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion. Honestly, I'm not sure I would bother with this. It's a boring rebuttal to a boring book.
Journal Series (The Lives of Amphibians and Chimaeras) These posts are a series of journals I had to write for a class once. Think of this as early Thinking Grounds critical theory. Almost juvenilia, really. Expect lots of talk about mythological beasts, hermaphrodism, conjoined twins, and literary or critical theory (which, I think, I may not have fully understood at the time). Maybe it's not so different from the sorts of things I write now.

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