Saturday, 27 June 2009

Writing Package

This is a list of all possible 'resources' that I have posted on my blog that writing-type people might find useful. Some of them are kind of a stretch, yes.

All posts that have the label 'words.'
Different figures of speech.
How to use figures of speech (maybe).
How to use a semicolon.
Character groundwork.
Contemplations on being published.
All posts that have the label 'publishing.'
On writing outside of my means.
How goals shape writing.
When convoluted writing is educational.

If you're more interested in the literary theory end of it, which I haven't included here, you can click on "literary theory" and "journal series" in the list of words down in the left-hand bottom corner of the page (ie. in the sidebar). For things I have written, you could try "poetic form." I currently do not have a label for my own writing. [Edit: Actually, now I do.]

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