Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Movie Adaptations

I have had an idea.

What if, instead of selling movie rights in perpetuity, we only sell rights to movie companies for three year terms--or, maybe, for fourteen months after first showing. By which I mean, if 20th Century Fox buys the movie rights to the Earthsea trilogy, they have the exclusive right to make that movie...until fourteen months after The Wizard of Earthsea hits theatres. At that point, the LeGuin estate can sell the movie rights again to another company if they want. Obviously, companies would buy the rights for far less (unless everyone played hardball). However, if the movies suck, you can get someone else to try making a better one.

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Scumbag Sam said...

I hear ya. It always irks me when a production company buys the rights to a book and then does nothing with it for 6 years for various reasons. The main one being the fact that they just dont want anyone else to have the rights to the book. I know thats not what you were really getting at, but it struck a nerve Christian! Lol.
Hope things with you are ok anywho!


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