Monday, 15 June 2009

Heat and Tardiness

Well, it's hotter than cakes that sell quickly up here. Oh, man. The Albertan summer has arrived.

Today was a pretty good day. I was pleased at work. I'm not sure why, though. I can't be glad to be back at work--can I?

Anyway, I have a funny-looking hat now. It's a Penman. I think that's the brand. Is that a brand? Anyway, I'm sure I look like a n00b when I wear it, but that's better than getting my Dumbo ears burnt. I also wore my sunglasses and smeared myself with suntan lotion. I was working on those white decks all day, and the glare off that paint is something else.

Oh, and I finally climbed up to the very top of the Fort McMurray (that's a boat). The last ladder was freaky. It's WAY up there and designed poorly--there isn't much room for your knees when you climb it. But I did it, acrophobia and all. We needed to mount a phony owl up there to scare off the swallows.

After work I picked up my paycheque and deposited it at the bank, and then had to hang around the bus depot for an hour because an accident in Thickwood blocked up the bridge (again) and the buses were running very late. I got home an hour and a half later than usual. It's 8:30 and we're starting supper.

And that's my day. No epiphanies, sorry. I have writer's block, though. I need more time to just write through it. Oh, well.

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Jon Wong said...

"it's hotter than cakes that sell quickly up here" <-- LOL!

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