Monday, 7 January 2008

Diced Ham Cookies: Real Chunks of Ham!

I just saw this ad on Hotmail half an hour ago, and I have no idea what it's about. I doubt it's real--it'd be disgusting if it were--but I have no idea what it's about. Granted, I didn't click the link because I was in the middle of an e-mail, so maybe I could have found out.

Any ideas?


CaraKay said...

I saw the same thing, and googled it! Then I remembered that I still had it open and clicked on the ad...

It says:

"Save good people from bad products. Give us your opinions and we'll give you rewards.

Some ideas leave you wondering, "What were they thinking?"

Prevent bad goods from happening to good people.

Just tell us what you think about products and services at

You'll earn Hbc Rewards bonus points with every completed online survey.

Choose from the entire selection of exciting Hbc Rewards!

Or exchange your Hbc Rewards bonus points for Esso Extra, travel, or car rental points and lots more.
You can even automatically redeem your Hbc Rewards points for AIR MILES® rewards miles. So easy and so much fun!"

Wierd... Tres Wierd!

Pillowbasher said...

Haha, I saw that in the corner of my eye, but then when i looked, it had already changed. I sat there for a bit thinking 'did I actually see that?'

Then I googled it, and found this post. lol

Anonymous said...

I saw the ad and actually thought "yummy"

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