Monday, 4 February 2008

A New Endeavour!


Recently, for a course in Literary Theory and Criticism, I was required to write a series of 10 journals responding to the readings and ideas presented in the course. I had a lot of fun with this assignment--less formal and academically rigourous than an essay but still getting into the meat of the matter--and decided, now that it has been graded and returned, to post it on-line.

I will post the Introduction and the First Journal tonight. After that I will post only one per day, and not every day.

The title of the collection is 'The Lives of Amphibians and Chimaeras: Journals in Literary Theory.'

I will try to post them exactly as I submitted them, largely as a restraint to my inclination to wander and to endlessly self-edit. I will, however, add basic bibilographical information for the texts I refer to. All of these are available in the Norton Anthology of Literary Theory and Criticism, the 8th edition.

Final note: I will not, unfortunately, be able to exactly match the typography of the originals. This is only relevant in that I will call attention to the word 'chimaera.' In my original, the 'ae' is the symbol which fuses the two. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to get that symbol in Blogger. In Journal #4, I will be calling attention to this symbol. (Update: I discovered how to use 'æ' . It was really easy, actually. I cut and pasted from Word.)

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