Thursday, 4 December 2008

Recently and Soon


1) I postponed writing my take-home exam some more. I really need to play catch-up tomorrow.

2) I watched Donnie Darko for the first time. It was enjoyable, though less creepy or confusing than everyone claimed. Also, it has re-enforced my dislike for Jake Gyllenhaal's face, though he's admittedly a good actor. About the biggest deal for me was that Donnie wasn't just crazy; his visions were partially true, even under most interpretations. [EDIT 05/12/08: If you want to read about more interpretations of this film, you can go to the blog of a friend of mine; he's written something that should be on this page somewhere.]

3) I rewatched Big Fish, which was yet again enjoyable. I also watched some of the features, and was sad to see that they didn't have anything about how they animated Ping & Ying. That's something I was disappointed about. Nonetheless, I want to write things like that movie now (and also like Stardust, incidentally).

4) I rewatched The Fellowship of the Ring the other day, and enjoyed it more than my previous reviewings. I really felt the setting this time, and it made the movie more engaging and real to me. Similar rewatchings of The Two Towers failed to create the same response, possibly because the settings were less familiar to me, being more extravagent.

5) I bought friends nanaimo bars. They were cheap and good, and helped these friends de-stress (I hope).

6) I read some of Lake Effect from the library. I am excited!


1) I am going on a "Downtown Encounter" tonight with my small group. This will be a way of thinking about the urban poor and engaging in Christ.

2) Tomorrow I am going to do extra work on my take-home to make up for the lack of work these days. In fact, I may start after small group tonight!


Jon Wong said...

Donnie Darko isn't a confusing film in and of itself. It just has a lot of thought provoking lines and ideas and it's only confusing if a. you try to come up with a theory that ties everything in the film together or b. you try to understand the "real" theory that ties everything together.

skatej said...

I watched Donnie Darko at the insistence of my friend while we were house sitting in a rather large house with a lot of big windows facing the wildlife reserve behind, and a lot of dark corners. It was also well past the middle of the night, and I was tired. The thought of that rabbit still sends me into shivers and now I'll have to do something to distract myself before I go to sleep.
Also, you have the Hobbit/Shire music from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack stuck in my head. This is not a bad thing. :) Those movies make me tear up every time I watch them.

Scumbag Sam said...

I never wanted to watch Donnie Darko, as other people raved about it and I hate band wagons, but I got it for free with a newspaper a while ago and so watched it. It was actually good, although I agree, Jakes face is off putting.

Have you tried watching a film by the same director - Southland tales. If Donnie Darko didnt confuse you (and lets face it, its not too confusing if you can grasp time travel and or any kind of quantum physics), southland tales will. its mental. its changed my life somehow, but I dont understand how its different. it just is. I thought watching it a second time would help understand it.. it didnt. its compelling viewing!

Yeay for Big Fish too!

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