Saturday, 14 November 2009

Disabilities and Sexiness: A Post Promise

I'm in the midst of stressful applying. Occasionally I have taken brief forays into the Internet today, when I was feeling a momentary bout of ADHD, to find images which related to Aimee Mullins' question, "What is a sexy body?" Her context, of course, was prosthetics and disability, and so that was my challenge: find images which defied our usual conception of a 'sexy body,' as she put it, by qualifying without fitting into the usual conception of normativity or wholeness.
I can't write my thoughts on this tonight (time constraints). I'll leave you with a few questions, though, and then the pictures I found, and then I'll write up my analysis (for lack of a better word) when I have time.

Is beauty/sexiness a legitimate form of enpowerment? How are we defining sexiness? Are some disabled/differently-abled people still unsexy, and what of them? To what extent is the decision to measure acceptance along the lines of sexiness immoral?

And I'll even talk a little about the question, What is beauty?
Now, case study pictures (you'll notice that I didn't limit myself to subnumary limbs, but also included people with atypical physionomies or pigmentations):

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