Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Spiritual Pathways Post Removed

Sorry, this is a housekeeping post.

I am removing the Spiritual Pathways Post because, oddly, it is probably the one post which brings in 80% of my Google traffic. It is also most likely in violation of most countries' copyright laws. I had put it up for the use of my regular readers, but it seems they (you) aren't the ones using it anymore. Since I do get so many Google hits on it, and since it's not mine, and since I don't want to draw any traffic from the actual owners of that personality test, I am taking it down.

If you were headed that way, sorry, it's gone.

For the record, Cait had made this comment on that post: "so I got Creation as my first and Activist as my second"

Christian H
aka English Clergyman

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