Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Maybe the Most Horrific Thing I Have Ever Written

or, A Sonnet
I had been wanting to write a sonnet to Forficula auricularia (a la writing a sonnet to Cepaea nemoralis, seen here), but so far I have no idea how to proceed. However, my eyes glancing across my room, I happened to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies sitting, as of yet unread, on my desk. A perfectly ghoulish inversion of sonnet conventions stuck me, in which the speaker's beloved mistress spurns him until she is turned into the living dead, at which point she is more than interested in consummating their not-so-mutual interests. Needless to say, I succumbed. What lies (or rather limps, or shambles) before you is the unfortunate result.


Zealous you pursue me, who, when 'live,
Of your alluring self you cruelly starved;
My love for you unslaked, in wood I carved
Beloved name of you who'd me deprived.
I craved your blinking eyes, your sable mane,
Each limping joke and, more than all, your brain.
Must now you answer diff'rently than when
In blushing breast your heart still pump'd out life?
So far have I avoided your love-bites;
This time I will surrender you to other men,
Releasing them 'gainst Laz'rus-aping you as wife;
Except I know you'll come for me some hunted night.
So I must ask, Will I, when meeting you undead,
Still loving, die? Or yet remove your maidenhead?

1 point for each sonnet convention or early modern pun that you can find.
1 point for each allusion to a zombie movie/comic/video game/haiku that you can find.
5 points if you can find the sonnet's hidden name.

I am dreadfully sorry about writing this. But maybe not so sorry that I won't post it.
I promise that my next sonnet will be a serious one.

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