Saturday, 1 May 2010

7 Quick Takes (XXXIX)

1. Kingston. Saturday, met with folks about town. Sunday, went to Bethel (school church), discerned that I like St. Thomas' better (ie. Tom's has responsive reading, prefer deacon Dave's oratory), headed to Oakville...

2. Airport, airplane. I get to Pearson very early because I discover while in the cab to the GO station that it would actually be cheaper to take the cab all the way to Pearson, so do that instead. It also takes far less time than getting the GO to Union, walking to the Royal York, and getting the Express bus. Buy Saturday at a bookstore because I wasn't feeling the Miltonic verse that morning. Get through most of it on the plane(s).

Also, assorted experiences on the plane and in the airports give me the germ of a short story idea...

I get home Monday afternoon.

3. I got a Flickr account. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about this Flickr account. While I like looking at other people's pictures, I feel like posting my own is a waste of time and bandwidth and server space. It's not like anyone looks at them. This blog sees far more traffic than my Flickr does. Then again, my Flickr account isn't even a week old yet.

4. I returned to work on Tuesday. It wasn't as bad as I feared. I was tired, but work's not bad if you're busy. Though of course there's stress if you're too busy...

5. I applied for residence at University. I think it's finally sunk in that I'm going to be a student again. Yay!

6. We were robbed at work. Technically, it wasn't robbery, because in Canadian law, robbery means that the perp was armed. Anyway, a guy driving a (stolen) taxi snatched the till, but the Mounties got him. For those American readers, you can stop picturing Mounties as wearing the red blazes. That's their dress uniform, yes, but when they're on the job they wear the regular blue-white-grey vested uniforms that most police wear. I'm sure I could make the story more interesting-sounding, but, let's be honest, I'm tired.

7. The folks and I went to see Gunless and How to Train Your Dragon last night. They were both excellent movies. I recommend strongly.

Go see the 7 Quick Takes host, y'hear?

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