Friday, 8 October 2010

7 Quick Takes (60)

1. The weekend was very busy, as I was writing a paper. I spent almost the entire weekend working on the paper, procrastinating, and berating myself for procrastinating.

2. I also had a fascinating conversation on Sunday with a complete stranger which I promise I will recount sometime. Just not right now.

3. On Tuesday I forgot to bring the book that the lecture was on (A Midsummer Night's Dream). So I went to the library before class and got a copy out. Which turned out to be a commentary on the text, and not the actual text itself. I also forgot to bring a good pen, and was forced to use one that clots all the time and seeps through the page. This was embarassing, as I'm the TA.

4. I presented the paper I wrote over the weekend on Wednesday. The class opened with the professor going around the room asking each student to discuss their reaction to the readers. During this exercise I discovered, based on what the other students were saying, that I had done the wrong reading (for one of the four articles). And, of course, written my paper on the wrong thing. So I had half an hour of fretting in silence, followed by the pleasure of admitting, in front of the class, that I'd screwed up. Fortunately the prof seemed OK with it, and other people said I had a good paper.

5. On Thursday I had another pedagogy workshop. It was very helpful, and I learned new ways to mark papers. On which note, I have a pile of papers to mark.

6. I watched Magnum Force the night before last. (Sorry for the chronology confusion.) I haven't much to say about it; I'm not quite sure why I'm including this Take.

7. Have you read Tristram Shandy? I haven't read much of it yet, but what I have read is fascinating. I will warn you that if you have no interest in literature as literature, this book will likely not appeal to you in the slightest. If you are interested in literature as a formal experiment, then it will interest you a great deal.

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