Monday, 23 September 2013

Some Things For New Visitors

If you're here from the Turing Test, and you're trying to get a very quick sense of who I am and how I think, you might find the following posts useful:

"Are You Taking the Right Test?", or, The Non-Participating Participant; How I Did the Ideological Turing Test All Wrong
"Finding Linguist Tells," which is about assessing Turing Test entries based on phrasing or vocabulary use. I don't think it's a very good method, but I propose a study that could allow us to use linguistic tells more effectively.
"An Enemy of Utopia For Utopia's Sake," in which I talk about Marxism. The bit about being unable to predict what society will look like after radical change is related to why I don't think we can tell, from our present position, what legalized and public polygamy would look like in a Western, generally secular, increasingly feminist society.
"Marriage as Genus, Marriage as Genre," in which I talk about how I think about marriage.
"What Genres Mean," an index post which will connect you with the posts which generated prompt #3 in this year's Turing Test. (See, in particular, the Other People's [Insert Genre]s Series.)
"Envy for Sisyphus," which some people might point to as the post that most defines my thinking at the moment. Benefits from prior knowledge of Camus.

"To Exist is to Differ, Part One" and "Part Two," which I would point to as the posts that most define my thinking at the moment.
"Notes on Depression Index," which is a directory of my writing on (in) depression.
"A Christian Lit Nerd Reads the Bible," which isn't even on my blog; it's a guest post on Unequally Yoked, from years back. It does a decent job of describing (if not defending) how I read the Bible. This might be of interest to Turing Test readers in particular.

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