Sunday, 11 May 2008

Tempering the Previous Post

I realized that my "An Unconvincing Truth" post was confusing, so I'll try to clear it up. The post is "An Unconvincing Truth," but then the article says how it was more convincing than I expected, and then I point out all the ways it failed to convince me. By way of clarification, let me say this: it was more convincing than I had expected, in that I am now not sure what I think about the veracity of the issue. Previously, I was pretty sure it was "the biggest hoax pulled on the American people," to quote his critics in the movie. (I can hear people saying, "How could you think that?" with incredulity and outrage. Let's just that, if you look for it, there's a fair amount of evidence against the popular global warming position.) Now I think global warming might be real. So I'd say it was more convincing; it was not, however, as convincing as I've heard people say it is.

Hopefully that clears it up a little.

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