Sunday, 4 May 2008


I know I haven't updated in months. I've been busy with schoolwork, but now I'm off for the summer, and hopefully will have time to post things when I'm not working. I promise to try.

The final journal of the series is not at hand, unfortunately. This means I likely won't post it until September...if I do at all. We'll see.

I might be starting a new project, with its own blog. I've recently been interested in MMO's, and have thought about playing some, and delivering a running commentary comparing, contrasting, and critiquing, from both a casual player's point of view and the tools of literary analysis and media studies. And, hey, who knows what other new projects I might start this summer. I summer in a city (an odd one) that is not my home, so that might give me some interesting material.

I also tend to think that I will be adding some new nerd content to this blog, both academic and pop-culture. When this starts up, I'll add "nerd" or some such thing to the themes list.

Over and out,

The English Clergyman

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