Monday, 17 November 2008

Profile Picture & More


1) I have a profile picture now. It's a hawk, as you can tell. However, I would like another one, so if anyone who's artistically inclined and reading this can come up with something, I'd like to see it. (Obviously it has to be something somewhat appropriate to me, so it'd help, I suppose, if you knew me, but anyone who's followed my blog must have some sort of sense of things that interest me and my intellectual rhythms, so perhaps this is more open than real-world friends...)

2) I am struggling with my creative faculties. I have a rather scattered range of interests, and I'm trying to come up with some project which i) I could conceivably finish and ii) contains at least a fair amount of the buckshot of my obsessions. This is difficult, because I am committed to producing something of value. The idea of just producing work which turns my own crank does not seem worth it to me. I want whatever I write to instill upon the reader something grander than themselves, some hint or edge of a cause to follow; some sliver of the morality that underlies our universe; some faint flavour of beauty and of truth. It needn't be much, but... escapism is wonderful, and it has it's place, but I challenge myself and all others to find meaning in everything, and I'd be remiss if what I wrote did not fulfill that mandate. I need to know that what I wrote could make a difference, however slight.
What makes matters worse is that I also have high standards of my writing quality, and--here's the real kicker--the almost unmasterable desire to have epic battles, awesome villians, idealistic heroes, and warrior women. Given everything said above, I think I'm screwed.

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Scumbag Sam said...

point 1. Artist is called Christian Lorenzo Scheuer ( - conceptual artist and pure genius who makes me wish I was THAT good at anything!
Point 2. Write, write, write! woo! I know what you mean. creative outlet is what I am all about at the moment. I have started writing a couple of new things (that I will most definately never ever finish, because I never ever finish things), so do it!!!! just write down any ideas you have and go from there - and then post them on here so we can all stare at them in wonder! :P

point 3. ooh what kind of profile pic thing are you looking for??????????????

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