Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Could I Have Some Havarta?

I hear it goes well with whine...

1) I spent 3+ hours reading QC today. Seriously. I have lost control of my life to a webcomic. What is wrong with me?
2) I now want my life to be like a QC strip. I was mildly sarcastic on a fellow blogger's wall (tip my hat to Sam), which is par for the course if this were real life, but I'm really trying to make sure I'm not a jerk on the Internet. Someone has to, and it might as well be me.
3) I'm also pretty sure I have a massive crush on Hanners, the disadvantages to which being that she's not real, being a QC character, and phobic of physical contact anyway.
4) I'm whining on the Internet, which makes part of me want to break all of my own fingers so I can't type any more.
5) Which means I'm spiralling into a pit of negativity.

So! Constructive happiness exercise! No more unhappy!

1) As soon as a friend has come and then gone with a housie to Psych (tip my hat to Cait), I will go to the public library and read gay male erotica.
2) I am actually only reading gay male erotica as part of my homework. Long story. I'll tell you some time. But it's funnier if you don't tell people that at first.
3) I will go do that, which counts as homework, which will make me feel better.
4) I will buy a Coke, which will do nothing for my belt size or acne, but it will also make me feel better.
5) I will make sure I read some Stardust before I go to bed.
6) I will also try to spend time finishing Questionable Content so that I will have that distraction pared down to 5 comics a week. When I have thousands of comics to read on the archives (I've been reading them in order), I don't run out of material quickly.
7) So all is good! Yay! Whine-time is over!

I feel like I should say something amusing and great for my readers (except, let's be honest, I wrote the above to be amusing, not to confide on-line or something (except maybe the Hanners part. That needed confessing)).

Hmmm. Amusing and great. Let's see...

Yeah. Got nothing right now. Sorry, studio audience.



Scumbag Sam said...

paaaay baaaccckkk!!!! haha. Not really - I am british, so I love the sarcasm. You aint a bad internet guy - you only become one of those when you start gushing about gay erotii..c... oh, wait. um...

You got me addicted to QC - I think I am the female version of Marten. Is that bad? I am only on the first few pages, but its already like my life. awww maaaan!

Jon Wong said...

I went through that same compulsive phase when I first started reading QC... except that that being a year ago, I had about 250 comics less than you to go through.

I was going to make fun of you for having a massive crush on Hannalore but I gave it some thought and realized that Faye's a psychopath, Raven's an idiot (intellectually), and Dora's... not all that interesting.

Christian H said...

To Sam: Wait'll you get further. There are lots of intersting characters to think you're like. I imagine many people think they're like Marten, though.

To Jon: Well, I actually find Dora plenty interesting. Under-confident and paranoid while pretending to be confident and easy-going is something I can buy into. However, Hanners is adorable and could really do a number on my house. Also, she's more neurotic than I am, which is good for my self-esteem (but thinking like that may not be a safe relationship strategy).

Jon Wong said...

I find that under-confident and paranoid while pretending to be confident and easy-going people are pretty common. But maybe that's just me.

How neurotic are you? You're much more neurotic than I thought you were if you're comparing yourself to Hannelore...

Christian H said...

I'm much less neurotic than I used to be. Originally I wouldn't go in bare feet; I wouldn't wear pajamas in front of my family, let alone anyone else; I couldn't watch people eat cereal; I couldn't touch snakes; I couldn't have freshly-cut fingernails and wear a jacket at the same time; I wouldn't actually cut my fingernails all that short, for that matter; I freaked out during haircuts; I freaked out at the dentist's; I freaked out if a doorknob was wet; and I couldn't handle many things that I can now. First year in residence, followed by being one of the few people in my house to actually clean things, followed by daily public washroom duty, cured me of many of these neuroses.

I still can hardly take my shirt off in public. I panic in busy places. I wash my hands more often than normal, but not OCD. I think I am pathologically incapable of consuming alcohol. Not sure on that one. I cannot eat butter or onions. I do not know why.

This isn't a bad list, when you think about it, but it certainly is more neurotic than your average Joe. (It's likely not a complete list, either, unfortunately.) Hannalore makes me look like Jimbo, see, and that's why I made the comparison.

And, yes, under-confident etc. people who appear confident etc. are common. I have a special radar that picks them up. It's called "I am one," and this is why I find them interesting.

Scumbag Sam said...

you are amazingly quirky, in a fun way. hehe.
I do imagine most people feel like they are marten - I shall be reading more of it tonight... eeek, there are so many to read, but I shall take my time. Enjoy it while it lasts, although... what if I wake up blind tomorrow? ok, i will read them all now.. no, wait, I will just hire someone to read them to me, ok, panic over.

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