Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ruminations Aboard a Ship

or, I'm on a Boat

Actually, the first thing has nothing about shipboard ruminations. It has more to do with the ridiculously loud engine-roaring going on outside the apartment. Some guys compensate with the size of their vehicles, others with the noise.

Anyway, shipboard ruminations.

I have spent a lot of time thinking on these boats. Well, I'm all alone, right? I'm doing very repetitious tasks. So I get fairly contemplative and quite insignificant events become more memorable. For instance, one of the cool things I had to tell my Dad and brother after work is that a raven was punctuating the swallowsong with low croaks, and I told him it wasn't quite harmonic. Oh, and the clouds were very awesome looking today. There were all sorts of layers and colours and textures and such. Alberta skies do tend to be much more spectacular than Ontario cloudscapes. I'm not sure why--maybe the altitude? Anyway, these were noteworthy events...

Actually, yesterday I had a real event happen. I managed to lock the keys to most of the park in the Miskanaw's wheelhouse. Two hours of nonsense ensued, involving trying to hop a chain-link fence and run-arounds with the people down at Roger's AT&T, trying to get my cellphone to work. Bah.

OK, there was an actual rant or something I had in mind on these boats. What was it? I think I'm going nuts, here. Tomorrow I will get to work with people again. We'll see how I handle the change; though it can be awfully monotonous, there are real benefits to working at a sight all by yourself, such as not worrying about being in other people's ways.

Geez, it's not coming to me. I had really wanted it to. I thought a lot, as I always do, about the role religion has in society and what opponents of religious practices have to say about it, and what it is they don't understand that allows them to think these things. I thought about the open-mindedness thing Jon was talking about.

Oh, wait. That just triggered something. I was going to have a paragraph responding to what Jon would likely think about whatever I had in mind to write about. Huh. What was it? This is ridiculous.

Well, if it occurs to me, I'll get on writing it. Maybe I'll jot something down quick if I think of it away from a computer.

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