Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Second Day

I just came back from my second day of work.

I am working at Heritage Park again (see the Fort McMurray label and sift through for related posts), despite not having planned to. However, I will not be working at the Park itself for all of it; I will rather be working over at the Marine Park we're working on opening. I have a lot of cleaning there to do tomorrow. Maybe I'll take some pictures, but I suppose I oughtn't, as it's not open to the public. I've signed no waivers or anything, but, really, I don't want to put things into the public that aren't mine to use.

I suppose I shouldn't talk at all about my co-workers, eh? I can't think of many people who got to my blog through Facebook, but you could if you wanted to, and I'm not taking it down--I do want people some of my Facebook friends to have access to my blog. So no discussing my thoughts (negative or positive) about the new staff, I guess, in the case that any of them add me and read this blog. In general, though, I am wondering about how well I'll get to know the new staff. I won't be at Heritage Park as much this year, and so won't be working alongside them as much. I'll have to try harder to make friends or acquaintances with them. I have a long 8 months ahead of me if I don't give it a shot, eh? Though I'm pretty independent and can likely handle a quasi-hermitage for two thirds of a year.

Anyway, about the second day. I'm tired; I'm not used to working, so yesterday was tough, but today is doubly tough because I am still tired from yesterday. However, I wasn't very upset about the sort of work I had today, and I felt like I fit well into the dynamics I had left and am now returning to. I have a bit of a headache now and took a ten minute "nap" (really just dozed) when I got home. I should go to bed early.

That is all for now. Next weekend I'll finish up the Niagara Falls stuff, I think. One more post on it coming.

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