Friday, 24 July 2009

7 Quick Takes (II)

1) I have either a cold or allergies. Maybe the lack of sleep has shot my immune system, meaning that my body cannot handle these allergens as well. Curse you, allergens!

2) I spent a lot of this week actually working. By this I mean painting, helping my supervisor with the bobcat & fork, hauling things, cleaning, etc. This coming week will also involve lots of real work, as we (the park) prepare for Heritage Day. I am sure I've mentioned Heritage Day before. Search for "festival" in my labels list, if you want more info. The point is, I am coming home dirty and sweaty more often than any other week this summer, and have gotten more of a tan than any other week this summer.

3) I think I have some workable story ideas, both for shorts and long-term... and this long term one might finally stick. My criterion are pretty much all covered, and I am actually interested in this project. Essentially, in writing this, I am rescuing a princess. That would be me, the author. Can you see how this is appealling.
(How is this possible, you ask? Maybe, one day, you'll know.)

4) Have I said this yet? The swallows have invaded the Marine Park. There are so many swallows. It's amazing. Have you heard swallowsong before? Or listened to it? They are vocal little creatures, with a number of interesting calls. Flying, they chirp, but when perched they give long, very watery chuckles and chirping/buzzing noises that sound vaguely like an alarm beep or a road duster scratch (speaking of which, those little brown grasshoppers I always think of as locusts but I think are more properly called road dusters are now out here in Fort Mac; they make me nostalgic). We are worried about bird droppings on our boats. The phony owls we put up are no good at all.

5) My brother made some excellent chicken tonight. My Dad had bought a lot of chicken breast some time ago. It is very good stuff. If you cook it for an hour from frozen, it comes out beautifully moist, cooked perfectly through, and tasting delicious. You don't even need to season it. When you're used to white meat being dry and flavourless, it's even better. That was the last breast, he cooked.

6) I have been reading Planet Narnia, a book of literary criticism that examines how C. S. Lewis used the nine Ptolemic planets as controlling but hidden symbols in the nine Narnia books. When I first encountered this idea on Wikipedia, I thought it was bunk from beginning to end (to paraphrase Polly in The Magician's Nephew). However, I am very nearly convinced of the Intentional Heresy, even; that is, that the nine planets are not only hidden in the books, but that Lewis meant to put them there. That they are hidden is part of the plan (the author of the book suggests that Lewis never meant them to be found, but only absorbed unconsciously). You'd have to read the book to get the whole argument; I can't exactly describe in a blurb what he argues in a full book, without making it seem silly. But I think the author does some very excellent work. And his work makes Lewis look like even more of a master at his craft, and his books as even more cohesive and wonderful.
If you are interested (or maybe even if you're not), I'll go into more detail about Ward's ideas of donegality in the Narnia books. I think donegality is my new favourite literary term, if not just plain new favourite word.

7) Today, after cashing my cheque (Woohoo!), I went and bought myself some oatmeal and raisin cookies from the little food vendor in the top of the River City Centre mall. I mentioned them before. These are seriously some of the best oatmeal cookies I have ever had--and if you knew how much I love oatmeal cookies, you'd understand the significance. I told the guy so as I bought them. I have taken to telling people when they provide good service. I did it the other day, too, when I found a place that sold pop for 22c less than any other place I've seen in town.

See the Quick Takes Queen.


Fencing Bear said...

Planet Narnia is brilliant! It actually convinced me that Lewis was worth reading at a depth that I had not previously appreciated, being more of a Tolkien fan. Glad you're enjoying it, too!

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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