Monday, 13 July 2009

Word, Awesome

I found an excellent word in the Nomenclaturcon. It is "sphygmomanometer." As I figure it, it's pronounced "sfig-mo-man-o-meet-er." I have no idea what it is. I could Wikipedia it, but that would surely lead to disappointment. It's unlikely that anything could exist which is as amusing as I find this word.

Also, I found this: "Chronograph, solar----use, SUNDIAL." Who sees a sundial and thinks, "That's a solar chronograph." Not even I would think that. Seriously.

Oooo! I found a flare gun (and flares) and work today! It's tres cool.


Edit: I looked at Wikipedia anyway. A sphygmomanometer is a blood pressure reader. The ones with the cuff that they use at the doctor's or the ones with the tube you use at the pharmacy.


skatej said...

That was a hyper and upbeat post! Lots of medical equipment have fun names. I especially like to say otoscope.

roz said...

haha, i was just going to type that!

Anna M said...

i think it might measure blood flow - possibly to extremities (use your imagination) BUT i am unsure. that is my guess of the day!

Anna M said...

oh darn
i just saw your NB. well, i was close.

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