Friday, 9 April 2010

7 Quick Takes (XXXVI)

1. Easter Weekend came and went. It usually does. Church was good, but I wouldn't say it was as spectacularly meaningful as I would like it to be. That's to be expected. We did begin it outdoors, though. That was interesting.
I got some reading done, and watched a few more movies than what I've told you about already. Also, I went for many outdoors-y walks.

2. At works I've been helping with renovations: ripping up boards, smashing tile, ripping up subflooring, putting down subflooring. In case you didn't know, taking a mini-sledge to floor tiles is fun.

3. I am currently reading The Truth About the Truth, a collection of essays or essay fragments about postmodernism and postmodernity, said collection edited by Walter Truett Anderson. The book is 15 or so years old, so it's a bit outdated. Nonetheless, I might finally be getting the amorphous belief system known as PoMo under my metaphorical belt. Expect a post soon. It's funny how a lot of post-modern thought has slipped into cultural consciousness without anyone noticing.

4. I am also currently reading The Odyssey, by Homer, who may or may not have existed. There may not be a post about that one, but, if there is, I'm sure you'll see it.

5. I didn't post all week, I know, I'm sorry. I do have a number of excellent posts planned, however, some about philosophy and some about religion. They will come when I have written them.

6. I have instead been spending a lot of time on flickr, looking particularly at the work of bex finch, Eric Lafforgue, and BuckarooBob. I wish I was as good a photographer as they are. I'm thinking of getting an account, but I want to be sure I have enough good photos, first. Sample of finch, who does nature photography and self-portraiture; sample of Lafforgue, who takes photographs in culturally exotic (yeah, yeah, problematic word) locales; sample of Bob, who takes photoraphs of his dogs, the people who knows, and stuff he sees, usually of a rural nature.

7. The snowstorm of the year has hit Fort McMurray. As spring was well into springing, as the weather inched toward 20* C, we get more snow than we have all year. It's heavy and wet and not really that cold. I hope my flight's not canceled. (I'm headed out for two weeks vacation... which reminds me that I may not post as regularly during this time period.)
I suggest you go visit Jen, the host of this lovely blog event.

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