Friday, 23 April 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. Windsor. Went to movies, saw The Clash of the Titans. Went for walk through campus, took pictures. Went for walk through woods, chilly, no pictures. Watched TV and movies. Talked about Ronald Weinland.

2. At Windsor, saw documentary about anti-christs and nostradamus. Intrigued but utterly unconvinced.

3. Oakville. Brother's place. Played video games, hung out. Went for walks through woods, too. He shaved his face and head. Discussed what constitutes a 'big deal.'

4. Tuesday, brother's film screening. It was better than his group were worried about. Enjoyed all of the films, especially Sun Day. Celebratory dinner at some place, Olive and Something's. I will look it up and let you know. Excellent spinach salad, highly recommend.

5. Wednesday, had dinner at Mercatto (??) with friends from Queen's. Excellent pesto meal, highly recommend.

6. Thursday, head to Kingston. Meet friends. After, Jon and I stay up way too late discussing Fort McMurray, postmodernism, identity, relationships, and the trouble with emotions.

7. Today, hung out with Cait this morning at her place, heading to meet friends after I post this.

Go over to Conversion Diary, eh?

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