Friday, 16 July 2010

7 Quick Takes (L)

1. I'm writing through a headache, so I will try to be actually brief this time.

2. Working on Wednesday was like being in a dragon's throat: hot and smoky. There were forest fires in Saskatchewan, and the smoke drifted over our way. It made it tiring to work outside.

3. I think this is an interesting article on a Harry Potter-theme videogame.

4. I am struggling with One River. Wade Davis' writing is enjoyable, but it's a big book and I'm having trouble returning to it. I might switch to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or to Persuasion. Apparently I was supposed to read Persuasion, not Sense and Sensibility. Oops.
Or I might read The Historian. My brother's girlfriend gave it to me a while back, but I hadn't gotten to it (I though it sounded like Anne Rice, which makes me think of decadence, which makes my skin crawl). My coworkers say it's good, though. Maybe I will try it.

5. Did I tell you I'm moving soon? I am. I'm moving to another part of the city at the end of the month. And then I'm moving again at the end of that month to go to grad school.

6. I read Scott McCloud's Making Comics. If you read my previous post, you already knew that. FYI, very disappointed that no one commented. (Kidding! Jon says he intends/wants to contribute when he's less busy, so it's cool.) More posts on this forthcoming.

7. I am likely going to switch to Arabic numerals in my 7 Quick Takes titles. I think 50 in Roman is a pretty nice place to stop. Yeah, so that's not real news. Sorry.

I'm too lazy and tired to hyperlink this tonight. Conversion Diary runs this blog carnival. You can get to it on my blogroll.

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