Monday, 19 July 2010

Electronic Courtesy

I went to the grocery store today. As I approached the sliding doors, a man came behind me. He was close enough that I would hold the door open for him as he approached, but not so close that it would make sense for me to step aside and offer him entrance first. What this means is that I walked up to the door, it slid open on its own, I walked through, and had no interaction with the man walking behind me.

Most doors these days are still ones with hinges and handles, so by and large I can practice holding open doors for people. This afternoon, however, I felt useless, rude, and alone. There are likely more drastic instances of technology dampening human interaction, but this brief lost kindness struck me. I suppose electronic eyes that open doors for you help if you have an arm full of groceries and a toddler grabbing your shorts. We can't always count on well-mannered strangers easing our way because there might not be strangers about. I nonetheless mourn this bygone opportunity for courtesy.

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Cait said...

I miss it too.

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