Saturday, 4 September 2010

7 Quick Takes (55)

1. Where do I begin? I have moved to Vancouver and am about to be a grad student. That is probably the best place to start.

2. At the end of last week I finished work at the Park. As a going-away present my employers gave me a pocket-watch. That was nice of them. It's classy.

3. Then I packed. This was last Friday. Jon helped my folks and I load the van.

4. Then we drove. The folks and I toured through Jasper, down past the Columbia Icefields, across through Yoho National Park, including Field, through Revelstoke and down into the Okanagan Valley, heading west at Kelowna and getting to Vancouver. This took three days. Along the way we explored Maligne Canyon, where we saw marmots and pikas. At Field we ate at The Siding, a little excellent restaurant I will again recommend.

5. I moved my stuff into my new rooms on Tuesday, but did not move in officially until Wednesday. I also got furniture from IKEA.

6. On Wednesday we went to the Aquarium. It is quite interesting.

7. On Thursday and Friday I have been doing graduate student orientation stuff. Most of it was specific to the English Department, so I have been meeting fellow English grad students. This morning I was at a TA training session. I am going to be a TA. The thought is terrifying.

That is all for now.


Jon Wong said...

Why is that terrifying? You'll have (supposedly) intelligent young people hanging on to your every word. Sounds empowering to me.

Christian H said...

1. One arts credit is mandatory for every UBC science undergraduate. It seems that most of them take ENGL110, which is the course I am TAing for. Therefore I am likely to get a lot of them.

2. Because I don't know what I'm doing and, unlike you, have never had pedagogy training.

Jon Wong said...

You know the way you talk when you try to explain something to me? Yeah, like that. You're quite good at it, in my opinion.

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