Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Worth Reading

If you are in the area because you are interested in religious things, or if you are in the area for other reasons but are nonetheless interested in reading about a religious position you likely have not heard before, I highly encourage you to read Richard Beck's posts on why he holds a universalist soteriology/eschatology. To cut through the jargon, this means that Dr. Beck believes that all people will eventually be saved from sin and death through Christ, not just those who God chose (Calvinism/Reform) or those who freely believe (Arminianism). All people will be resurrected.

I'm not posting this because I intend to stake this out as my own theological position; rather, I am soteriologically agnostic, at the moment, and am considering whether this is a position worth holding. If anyone has any ideas about universalism, or wants to mount a defense of Calvinism/Reform or Arminianism, I would be happy to hear them. I would suggest you read the whole series, though, before entering the discussion.

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