Sunday, 30 January 2011

Vancouver -- January

My apologies. These pictures are in reverse-chronological order.
I took all of these pictures in the last month.


Em the luddite said...

Jeepers, I didn't realize how much I miss the color green!

Looks like I'll actually be in your neck of the woods (defined loosely as "in Canada") in March. I hope some will be waiting for me, as I doubt any will be emerging from under the Snowbelt.

Christian H said...

Where in Canada? Most of the country is just getting itself out of the snow at the end of March. Coastal British Columbia is unusual in its weather.

Em the luddite said...

Hehe... I was afraid you'd ask that, and then I'd have to admit that I was being the stupid American who lumps all of Canada together as if the whole country were the size of one of our states. I'll be in Montreal, so I'm actually closer to your neck of the woods now then I will be in March. But I am in one of the snowiest areas of my country, at least.

Cait said...

They're beautiful Christian!

And I also can't believe how much I miss the colour green.

We're getting hit with a snowstorm tonight...the colour green will not be appearing for a while.

Christian H said...

@Em: You said it, not me.
I've never been to Montreal, but my guess is that it will be snowy and cold in early March. What with Canadian regionalism, though, I can't be sure. March, as a month, can go either way.

@Cait: I've heard that Ontario got hit hard these last few days. Don't get stranded.

Nick said...

The one with the little green sprouts growing out of the log is my favourite.

Christian H said...

Decay is beautiful.

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