Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Theory of Reading: Index

A Theory of Reading (1.0)


Back when I still expected to publish a serial novel on an online platform which so far hasn't materialized, I realized that I would probably receive criticism for the novel. I'm not opposed to criticism, but I thought it might be prudent to prepare the theory according to which I'd respond (or capitulate). Moreover, as I was writing my theory of interpretation, I felt like it was worth writing for its own sake, since someone might find it interesting or helpful. I know my colleagues in the English department often complained of arguments about literature and/or culture which stemmed from their interlocutor misunderstanding what interpretation even is.

I have posted the essay to the Tumblr I made for the novel, even though I don't know when or even if my novel will ever be published. I've also posted it here, but in parts to make it easier to digest. Here's an index:

Part I: Where Is The Meaning Of The Text?
Part II: Making Sure Your Reading Is A Good One
Part III: Reading Experience and Interpretation
Part IV: Schools of Critical Theory
Conclusion: To Exist Is To Differ

And some extra bonus content!

Using Theory
Please Read Responsibly?
Reasons to Read
What Good's an Author?

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