Monday, 30 June 2008

A Forest Fire and Life

My Dad and I drove to Lac La Biche yesterday to get away from Fort McMurray for a day. It was an interesting enough trip. We saw some deer and a coyote on the way, and visited the Old Mission Museum. The lake itself is also quite pretty.

On the way back, almost in Fort McMurray (this was well after Marianna Lakes, for those who know the geography), we saw a forest fire--at least, something starting to be one. It was all smoky and you could hear crackling, but it was restricted to a small area and the road was still open. Forestry had it under control, I suppose. Anyway, there was a helicopter in attendence (seen here), dropping water. I caught a video of it, which I'll post when I get the chance. I always have difficulty with these blogger features.
Anyway, it was quite the sight.

And in other news, it was terribly hot today, and my brother is coming back tomorrow, bringing with him some computer games with decent game editors on them, so I can tinker with the mechanics and construct my own storylines, etc. Yay!

On Saturday, my Dad and I ran some errands before going to the open house at the local mosque. Actually, I'm not sure if it constitutes as a proper mosque, since the sign calls it an "Islamic Centre." However, it was an interesting tour, though I already knew quite a few of the details from my previous Islam course. I did pick up a free translation of the Qur'an, which I'll hopefully read sometime in the reasonably near future. Then we saw Get Smart. Perhaps later I'll post about some of these things.

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