Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Philosophy of Wikipedia Part II

There was a comment on my original Wikipedia post, which I will (briefly) discuss now.

lorda presley says, "blah blah blah. wha's wrong with wikidpedia. are you mad that the truth is actually the element water. you cannot contain it, bro. rahthe kingdom of god is within you."

Well, I don't really think there's anything wrong with Wikipedia, per se, and I'm not sure that they article I posted does either. Even if it did, I'm more interested in people talking about Wikipedia than I'm interested in agreeing with one philosophy about it or another. I'm not particularly mad about anything, and I didn't think the original post gave that impression. I certainly hope it doesn't.

I'd like to say, though, that I appreciate both lorda presley's readership (and your own, any who are reading this), and his affirmation that the kingdom of god is with me--as I hope it is with us all.

Oh, and I've been getting a smattering of blog spam lately. What's up with that?

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