Monday, 23 June 2008

The Philosophy of Wikipedia

I thought this article was somewhat interesting... I suppose I didn't realize that the philosophy of information discussions over Wikipedia in a certain sense originate with the passion (here, 'fundamentalism') if its founder.

Preview: Wikipedia was partially designed by this demi-celebrity who is an Objectivist (ie. believes in an objective, knowable reality). Many critics claim that Wikipedia is essentially relativist, a sort of meeting-point for different realities. This co-founder disagrees, claiming that it is a process working towards a consensus about reality. If philosophy of knowledge and cyber-politics interests you, then you should read the whole article. Oh, and it talks about Ayn Rand a lot.

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lorda presley said...

blah blah blah. wha's wrong with wikidpedia. are you mad that the truth is actually the element water. you cannot contain it, bro. rah
the kingdom of god is within you.

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