Tuesday, 22 July 2008


To the left here are swallows nests along the eaves of the variety store in Marianna Lakes (between Fort McMurray and Drumheller, really much closer to Ft. Mac).

And here is the largest dinosaur in the world, standing over the bridge in Drumheller. From his jaws you can see much of the city.

These plaster prehistoric creatures often stalk the streets of Drumheller.

This is a suspension bridge in Rosebud.

If you light the mineworks on this hill, the people on the other hill will light their hill, which will prompt the next hill's lighting, and eventually the Rohan will ride to Gondor's aid. Also, these are mine works on the other side of the suspension bridge in Rosebud.

These are the hoodoos. If you vandalize them, you could receive a fine of $50,000 or 1 year in prison. I fully approve.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum. This is the most wicked-awesome dinosaur museum in the world.

This dinosaur, though large, is actually quite peaceful.

I forget the name of this dude, but he's actually pretty awesome. I should point out that he is not, in fact, a dinosaur, but a ... synopsian? Related to a Dimetrodon, at any rate. I think "synopsian" is right. I'll look it up sometime and let you know, k? [Correction: synapsid, not synopsian]

These are axolotl. They are amphibians that are permanently larval, never maturing into adults. They can reproduce in this stage.

The badlands out back of the Royal.

A close-up of some cactus in the badlands behind the Royal.

A ridge-summit-mesa-whatever in Horsethief Canyon.

This particular shot was taken from the peak atop the right-hand ridge of the last shot.

A sepia shot of Horsethief Canyon.

A flowering cactus in Horsethief Canyon. It's a prickly pear, to be more specific.

This is Horseshoe Canyon, not to be confused with Horsethief Canyon.

A prairie dog above Horseshoe Canyon.

Another shot of Horseshoe Canyon.

This is a particular spur off of Horseshoe. You can see it's thicker with trees and vegetation. Most of the brush is rosebush, meaning this would be a spectacular sight earlier in the summer, when the roses are in bloom.

Beautiful country, the Alberta badlands.

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