Saturday, 26 July 2008

Random Stuff

1) Do you know what's awesome? When you edit a part of your Blogger blog layout (say, a list of links), and save it, the little button fades from yellow to brown. It's just so cool to watch.

2) You know what's also awesome? The Dark Knight. Insanely good. A superhero movie that challenges its characters in ways other superhero movies haven't before? One where the bad guy's character, while insane, is way more believable than "he went crazy because he was ambitious and then took some super-testosterone in an experiment that made him hyper aggressive/blended his mind with a ruthless AI armature set/fused with alien synthetics that feeds on his jealousies/got slammed by solar radiation and dumped by Jessica Alba/is saddled with some unfortunate mind-bending powers and a government operative father who hates him for it"? One which isn't hung up on origins and is more concerned with choices? And choices made by civilians, not just "heroes"? One which doesn't entirely indulge in scientism? Giving it a little thought, I'd have to say that when they said they planned to "rekindle" the Batman franchise, they delivered their promise. With interest. I don't care what anyone says or how well they argue, from this point forward DC movies utterly and finally own Marvel. Case closed.

3) And there are other awesome things too! Like videos on YouTube: Christian the lion.

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