Monday, 1 September 2008

Dawkins Directory

Instead of actually writing another Dawkins-related post, I'm going to construct a directory to all of my Dawkins-related posts to improve ease of access. Then I'm going to hyperlink the Dawkins posts to this one, and add a thing on my sidebar to get you straight to this post.

If you haven't begun reading any of my refutation of Dawkins' The GOD Delusion, I'll direct you to my Dawkins-related mission statement. From that post you can get a sense of what the different categories of post are and work your way through them as you please.

Also note that I may have other posts concerning Dawkins, and yet haven't linked them here. That is because I wrote them before the beginning of my more organized and directed effort at refutation; that is, I wrote them during the reading of the book. They reflect more my state of mind than the book itself, and so will be left elsewhere. If you want to access them, click the "Dawkins" label on sidebar under "Themes" and scroll to the bottom.

I'll update as I write more.

General Statements
Mission Statement

Disputing Dawkins
I. The Power of Rhetoric
II. Arguement for the Spectrum of Probability
III. Argument for the Improbability of God's Existence
IV. Religions' Disconnection from Morality

Dawkins' Style
I. Offensiveness
II. Lack of Explication

Dawkins' Misrepresentation of Religion
I. Miracles

Dawkins Moment
I. Untitled
II. Memes

Tangentally Related
Following Rules

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