Monday, 22 September 2008

I Regret to Inform You


It's my unfortunate duty to inform you, readers, that I will not be as posting as often as I did the past few months; that is to say, I will not be posting as often as I would like. It seems real life (apparently known as meatspace to techies of old, and as rw to MMO'ers) has intruded. I have an abundance of activities to perform, and so I cannot spend uncounted hours constructing posts and arranging layouts and linking directories and finding references and all of the other diverse attentions involved in maintaining this blog. This makes me sad. I seem to have fully jumped on to the Blogging Revolution, but, alas, I cannot give it all of my heart. I have other endeavours as well. One of them, unfortunately, is reading far more than my brain can absorb. Far, far more. It's ludicrous, actually, how much I am expected to read. It's absolutely ridiculous.

And I have to maintain friendships, too, which involves time. A lot of time, actually. I don't mean that my friends are having crises and I have to have long talks with them. I'm a guy, so that's not a huge issue. I just mean that, in order to actually maintain some sort of friendship with a person, you have to hang out with them regularly. It's pretty basic, right? Otherwise they'd feel unwanted or lonely, and that means you're not doing a very good job at being a friend. And this takes a lot more time than I'd have generally assumed.

And I'm involved in things with Navigators, and this actually takes a fair amount of time. Last Saturday, for instance, I helped one of the Navs leaders fix up her house--a bunch of us did. I fixed a shelving unit with the help of another guy. My work in Fort McMurray paid off, I guess, in that I now have the handiman skills required to do that sort of thing. I can swing a hammer well, which isn't something I've always been able to do. I enjoyed that, I really did--but it took five hours of my weekend, all things said and done.

I have to start saying 'no' to things. I can't do as much as I'm doing now, and expect to remain sane. I'm looking at more on my plate, as well, in student departmental government, in the next few weeks. This could be a problem. So I have to go easy.

Which means I need to think about how I'm going to manage my time. And one of the things I have a problem with is spending excessive amounts of time on-line, particularly on Blogger. Like writing this particular entry, for instance. These means that while I still intend to update sometimes, I cannot do it as often, or spend as much time on each post. If I do spend time on a post, I have to break it up over the course of days to really craft that sucker...and that means fewer posts.

The point is, to anyone who is reading blog (not many, but more now than before), I regret to inform you that I won't be as post-happy as I used to be. It is a sadness, and a regret, but there isn't much I can do about it.


In other news, a blog I follow posted this interesting article...

I love religion; things like the lifestyles revealed in the linked blogpost therefore make me scared, sad, confused, and hurt. Why must people be so stupid? Why?

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Jon Wong said...

You realize of course, that when you don't post for lengths of time, I fall out of the habit of checking your blog and thus won't be aware of the next time you do actually post.

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