Sunday, 14 September 2008

Return of the Internet


Good news! We now have Internet! It may be a bit patchy yet--my housies are on wireless, as direct cable connection from the router is patchy at best--but I can at least expect Internet on a taking-turns basis, and finally connect this computer, with all of my fun files, to this blog. Which means more dumping, if I want to/get bored.

I don't know what I'll start with...we'll see. I could, and probably will, throw on some quick things for the time being, set up a chain of delayed-publishing things to get through the week while I work on some new content. There's a line of thought I've been developing out of Mary Jo Leddy's Radical Gratitude that has struck some people I've spoken to (well, OK, my mother) as pithy, and this was reinforced by this morning's sermon, so I might spin that out sometime soon. We'll see. Also, I may go back and update some previous posts, now that I have access to images that I hadn't had access to during the summer.

But I have to be somewhere at 6:30 tonight, and I do have some legitimate work to do, so I can't get too carried away...

Over and out,

The English Clergyman

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