Sunday, 26 October 2008

Guessing Game--Glove


The other night I was praying, and an image that I thought was particularly apt came to me. It was of me as God's glove. More accurately, I was asking to be God's glove.

Now, if you look at the title, you'll see it's a guessing game. The game is, can you guess what this image means? It's an extended metaphor, of course, so try and think of ways in which Christians might want to act as a glove of God.

It'll likely never catch on as a popular image, but I like it. It would ease my concerns over 'prayer warrior,' which I expressed previously. Though, actually, if we think of it in a C. S. Lewis' theological context, where we are the underground in occupied territory, then 'prayer warrior' makes a lot more sense. Actually, I'm starting to like that... prayer as a weapon against Satan and sin...

(This is all a manifestation of my English-major training: I am obsessed with symbols, narratives, allegories, analogies, and metaphors. It seems my essay-writing skills are not kicking in though: I'm venturing way off topic!)

I'd give the winner something, except that there could be multiple winners. If someone gets one aspect and someone else gets another, then it'd be a mutual win, right? And I can't very well send prizes...hmm... Well, if I like your answer, I'll come up with something.

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