Friday, 24 October 2008



This is a prelude to another post I want to write sometime, which I intend to entitle ;. Yes, the title will consist entirely of a single punctuation mark. Blogger will then have to deal with that in URL. I am excited to see what genius Blogger produces.

Anyway, it will concern the semi-colon, as is evident. I like semi-colons, and I want to tell you why. However, I have work to do and have to go to class and fun stuff like that, so, in the meantime, you can look at what I wrote on another's Wall and see what directions I might take this.

"You have a problem with semi-colons? Semi-colons rock. They're both commas and colons. They're like mermaids or gryphons or Obama: they defy categorical bounds! They're like the border between Ontario and Quebec, stitching together two seperate but inseperable parts. They're just generally excellent, and the only reason people don't like them is that people are afraid of ambiguity. People are afraid of hermaphrodites, cyborgs, conjoined twins, and semi-colons, all for the same reason."

I don't actually think he had a problem with semi-colons; it was more my lamentable semi-colon usage. By this I mean that I've gotten sloppy and used semi-colons where I oughtn't have. And screw you, Vonnegut, there are plenty of uses for a semi-colon outside of showing that you've been the college!

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