Tuesday, 28 October 2008



Usually I'm not one to share this sort of thing, but...

One of my dogs back home just died. It hasn't sunk in yet. I don't even really think there's any point in saying this, because no one who reads my blog will know what my dogs mean to me. For the most part, no one who hasn't seen me with my dogs will. But, well, there you go. I'm saying it anyway.

I feel like putting a big picture of him up here and being all sentimental about it, but, again, what readership I have will not care, so I won't.

The experience of writing this blog has seriously disillusioned me to writing blogs in general. They're interesting, fun, and possibly intellectual, but...don't try getting companionship through one. It can't translate.

I'll talk to you when I'm less emo.



Jon Wong said...

I care!

Although you're right... blogging doesn't do much in the companionship department.

skatej said...

Sometimes I wish emoticons were more descriptive, and now I'm wishing there was a sympathetic half-smile. If your dog meant to you what my dogs that died a few years ago meant to me, then I'm sure it is hard for you. I'm still angry at one of them, and sometimes I still expect to see the other at the top of the stairs. This two years later. I hope someone near you can give you the comfort equivalent of a hug that you need.
I don't understand how people find so many friends through the blogging community...I guess it's mostly the people who only post about one thing.

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