Tuesday, 10 March 2009

How to Spell the Holidays

A Brief Rant:

Apparently Word does not accept "Hallowe'en" as a legitimate word. It does accept "Halloween." Now, I am not saying that "Halloween" is an incorrect spelling (even though it is) or that it shouldn't be considered correct by Word (though it shouldn't). Rather, I do not like how the original, not-yet-obsolete, etymologically-faithful, replete-with-character spelling is dismissed by SpellCheck. I do not want an ugly red squiggle under my letters just because the software designers are part of the Simpul Speling Moovment.

What makes it worse is that, because of Word's discrimination against authentic spelling, all of North American will soon believe (if it doesn't already) that Hallowe'en does not have an apostrophe in it.


Jon Wong said...

Just add it to the dictionary. As Morrison once famously stated about ignoring Bill Gates' squiggly lines, "What does HE know about the English language?"

Cait said...

yeah I don't spell Halloween with an ' in it.

Jon Wong said...

You should!

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