Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Words from the OED

glögg: n a Scandinavian winter drink, hot sweetened wine to which brandy, almonds, raisens, and spices are added.

glomerel: n a pupil of a grammar school.

melanochalcographer: n a person who engraves copper plates for printing.

Quellenforschung: n the study of the sources of, or influences upon, a literary work.

quemadero: n a place where convicted heretics were executed by burning.

OK, so the last entry was less fun. It would make a good novel title, though.


Jon Wong said...

I would call the title of my informal writing piece "Quemadero" except that it has nothing to do with convicted heretics, execution, or burning. Can you find a cool word that's synonymous with irony?

Christian H said...

asteism--Genteel irony, polite & ingenious mockery (1815), derived ultimately from the Greek word for city.

enantiosis--rhetorical irony (ie. saying one thing, meaning another) (1800).

ironist--one who uses irony (1832).

mycterism--sarcasm, from a Greek dude's name.

Pynchonesque--characteristic of the writing of Thoman Pynchon, esp. featuring surrealistic irony, or fantasy, or being verbose (1975).

So nothing really useful, and nothing relating to dramatic irony. Sorry.

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