Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sick and Bored

Sorry, I have no reviews or academic things or clever rants.

1) I have a take-home midterm due on Thursday. I am almost done and I do have all of tomorrow to do it, but I do not want to. I got through most of the analytical thinking stuff and have only one, boring, non-critical regurgatative passage remaining. Also, I have to cite things and make it all sound nice and coherent. You can file all of that under BORING.

2) I feel ill. This illness is composed of a mild cough and on-and-off crampiness/wooziness in my gut, often with a latent gag-reflex going on. I didn't go to Running and Reading today and I don't plan on attending class tomorrow.

3) I have lots of work to do on top of the midterm, but guess what I really don't care to do?

4) Blah.

That is all. Maybe I'll write something fun if I think of anything.

1 comment:

Cait said...


Sorry that you're sick and that you have the midterm thing to do still. Good luck with it all. I took a personal day today. I skipped the one class that I had today and slept. The only reason that I'm not sleeping now is that i have to go to work at 9:30 until 1:30 am :) yay.
So the point of telling you about me is that I hear ya, I feel shitty today too.
I hope that you feel better tomorrow and that you get everything done that you need to get done!


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