Sunday, 26 April 2009


Does it count as liveblogging if what's happening is, for the moment, stasis?

Anyway, I am home--or, what will be home for a brief period of time. I am in the computer room, with boxes and piles of my stuff virtually filling the room. The couch behind me is cascading with books of mine. It's a mess, which I will begin to go through tomorrow. Upstairs, in the attic, in my bedroom, are more boxes and piles of stuff. It really is a mess.

I've moved out of my house in Kingston. I'm worried that my housemates will have too much trouble finishing cleaning. To an extent my conscience is assuaged by the fact that I've done the majority of the housework so far and that this will just be them catching up, but that doesn't seem quite right to me. But anyway, my Mom came to help me move. It took us two days. I have way more than I had thought (doesn't that always happen?). I'll have to go through a lot of it to give away, because we're moving out to Alberta for good soon.

On Tuesday we're headed to get my brother, and I'm staying in the GTA and heading to Jon's place (Jon, check your e-mail if this is news to you) that night. We'll be spending a while capering around TO before heading, with some others, to balmy Niagara Falls for a night and the surrounding days, before yet again returning to the GTA to engage in social activities with folks from Queen's, including, possibly, Cait.

Then it's back to Sebringville (either Saturday night or Sunday morning) for a week to clean, get together with old friends, run errands, and pack. On the 9th of April, my brother and I are flying out to Fort McMurray, Alberta (as per every summer), and I'll be there for a while before moving on to some other locale for some other activity, yet to be decided/discovered.

But that the moment I'm dog tired, and, on that note, smelling the oily fur of an old, tired dog lying behind me. She's a sweet girl yet, but wheezes now and isn't nearly as active as she used to be. Mom's preparing for bed (she has work tomorrow) and I'm thinking about crashing not too long from now, either.

Apparently I'm done this whole undergrad thing. I still need to get marks back and all, but there's not much I can do about any of that yet. I've said goodbye to some folks; for some of them it's a real goodbye, too. There are some who I know wish I'd spent more time with, but I suppose that's always how these things go. Not many regrets, though. Not many at all. (And what would be the point of regretting, anyway?) I'll miss seminars, though; at least, I'll miss the good ones. I've blogged a bit about other things regarding the changes, but many of them are just sinking in now.

Oh, scary/interesting thing yesterday. Coming through Toronto, we hit a very windy patch. There was a cloud of dust sitting about fifteen (?) feet high. We could see well enough to drive, but I couldn't tell where this cloud of dust ended. Approaching it and in it, though, I can tell you I was nervous. It looked to me like the bottom of a twister before it's fully formed. I can tell you that while Mom was watching the road, I was watching the skies and the height of that dust cloud. Not that it would do much good while we were in the cloud itself. If that turned into a tornado, there'd be little hope of getting to cover before the van was tossed off the road. As you can tell, we made it through fine. And I didn't even have a twister dream last night.

I suppose that's about all for now. I'll write something up about undergrad, but that's have to wait until my reserves of time and coherence improve.

Until then,

English Clergyman

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