Tuesday, 8 September 2009


I will be unsuspectingly solicited by people at St. Thomas' to write a book for them, beginning this April. It will be called The Canadian Christian Lifestyle(s). They will pay me to go and live with assorted Christian households to observe, interview, and participate. These households will largely be chosen because they represent a demographically unusual Christian population: Mennonites; a gay Christian couple; a polygamist Christian...quadruple?; a Dene-Christian shaman; a New-Testament-inspired commune; a household with converted conjoined twins; a mixed-faith family. I think you get the idea.

I would not be expected to provide much analysis, but neither would I be expected to take a journalistic approach. Rather, I would observe at my own pace. Perhaps I would have a co-author with me to provide her own, alternate perspective.

I was absorbed by the possibilities of this project while working today. You will notice that my dream job of the moment is prefaced by my not having to do any sort of work or research to get it. It also involved living with Mennonites, observing Christian-indigenous mysticism, and discussing theology with people who have significantly different sexual ethics from my own. And it is based around both cultivating relationships and writing.

My real job is somewhat interesting; I am almost finished, and perhaps entirely finished, at the Marine Park. I cleaned up today. If I do not start the virtual museum tomorrow, I at the very latest will the day I get back from my vacation next week.

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