Sunday, 13 September 2009

Power in Images: a Bleg

Alright, so I'm asking for input here.

I would like you, if you don't mind, to submit moments in movies, art, books, legends, or plays that particularly stirred you, perhaps on levels you can't fully articulate. This isn't so much a favourite moment as a moment that grabbed you and didn't let go, be it joy or sympathy or enchantment or fear or suspense. For me, I'd think much of Pan's Labyrinth, but esp the banquet part; Weathertop in Fellowship of the Ring (book); assorted parts of anguished love in Romeo and Juliet; the part of It where the picture in the yearbook moves; Puddleglum's speech in The Silver Chair; the drawing of Excaliber in no particular movie or story but in the composite that inhabits my imagination; the scene where what's-his-face runs hollering through the streets in Love Actually; the pillar of smoke and fire that led the Israelites through the desert, as well as the parting of the Red Sea. I'm likely missing the best examples, because I don't know that we can always recall them at will. But, anyway, that's an idea of what I'm looking for.

So, how about it? What images from anything at all had a powerful effect on you? If you care to be more analytical or precise, what particular things about it help power that effect?


Kay said...

V for Vendetta (graphic novel) - There is a sequence that doesn't exist in the movie, and it goes as follows: Just before Evey is brought back to V's lair, she purchases a gun from a thug and attempts to kill one of the Leader's henchmen. V stops her and begins his round of torture in his make-believe dungeon. After she is transformed by V's test of her strength, he brings her to his rose garden, where he tells her that there is a rose for everyone, and all she has to do is pick a rose for someone and V will commit the murder for her. "It is but a rose." V says. "All you have to do is pick one." Evey then replies, "Let it grow." It was a beautiful moment that shows that she has at last released the pain of her past.

LOTR, The Fellowship of the Ring (film) - as Merry realizes that Frodo has decided to continue the journey on his own, Merry acts as a diversion so that his friend can make his escape. I found it an incredibly remarkable and brave gift of friendship. Very touching.

Cait said...

I agree with Kay on the LOTR part she described. Also in LOTR at the end of the Two Towers when Sam makes the speech about what they're fighting for. That's my fav part of the entire movie series.

The part in HP6 (movie) when after Dumbledore dies, everyone raises their wands with a light on the tip and they dispel the dark mark bit by bit until it's gone.

Big Fish just in general. That movie sticks with me.

In the Seeker, the line "even the smallest line shines in the dark."

The book A Ring of Endless Light, when Henry Vaughan is quoted and it's like the main character, the grandfather and Vaughan reach out and touch each other in understanding.

that's just to name a couple :)

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