Friday, 5 November 2010

7 Quick Takes (63)

1. I finally got sick. I was wondering how long it would take. I've missed some classes on-and-off all week. I also went back to bed this morning and got up again three hours later. As a result, I don't really think I have a ton of (interesting) news for you, folks.

2. Due to the terrible state my backpack was in (and I'd only had it a few months), I went to the mall to buy a new one. I did get a new one, but that's less interesting maybe than the trip to the mall. What odd places malls are, but they work. For me, at least. I lose track of time in there. That's unusual because I don't go into any of the stores. (In which case I guess we can't say they work perfectly because I don't buy anything.) I was disappointed in the mall, though; they had no bookstores!

3. What the mall did have were poppy-vendors. I can't recall which org was distributing them. So I got a poppy and put it on and then lost it within a day, as always. This is an on-going thing for me; get poppy, lose poppy, get another poppy, lose poppy, panic on Remembrance Day, find another poppy, manage to keep poppy until 11 o'clock ceremony, have poppy easily visible for a few months in my room before I realize there's no point in keeping it.

4. On Hallowe'en I volunteered at church. It was fun. We were selling soup and cider and hot dogs; a lot of the staff were dressed up, and we played Hallowe'en music, beginning, of course, with "The Monster Mash." I went home early to Skype the folks, but felt tired and queasy. I thought it was from frying onions (I cannot stand the smell or taste of onions), but in retrospect I was likely getting ill.

5. Someone introduced me to PhD Comics. Like I needed a new webcomic to lose hours on.

6. Oh. Wait. Happy Guy Fawkes Day! I had forgotten about that until now. I won't have time to locate and watch V for Vendetta, however, as...

7. I have a stack of papers yet to mark, so I'll get on that, I suppose.

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Jon Wong said...

Put a piece of masking tape over the end of the pin once you've put it into your jacket.

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