Friday, 19 November 2010

7 Quick Takes (65)

1. A housemate and I went for $3 breakfast on Saturday. As it turned out, there was an enormous line-up, so we had Vietnamese instead, which wasn't $3. And by the time we got back it was already late in the afternoon, and since it was pouring we did not go slack-lining.

2. I wasted a lot of time this week. I feel pretty bad about it (I spent most of that wasted time watching Legend of the Seeker), but it does mean that I realized I need to work even harder at discipline. Limiting blog and Facebook access isn't sufficient. New work habits are necessary. The difficulty is that I have no "workplace" at which I can be very motivated. When I am at school, I spend "too much" time socializing... which is the only not-working time consumer I do not want to cut back on.

3. Joseph Addison's Cato is pretty good. To you American readers, you should be(come) familiar with this play; a lot of your Americana quotations are actually historical figures quoting this play. For instance, Nathan Hale's "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" is a rephrasing of a line from Cato, which was very popular in the States during that time.

4. I just found out that I got into a course I had been hoping to get into. Yay! I will be studying Renaissance (or Early Modern, if you think Renaissance is politically incorrect) again! Exclamation point!

5. Rain.

6. As in did last week, I went to Coffee Hour. It was good, in that I spoke to people I don't normally 'hang' with.

7. We did play-acting in the Pedagogy Workshop this week. I don't know how well people responded; it got oddly symbolic pretty quickly, though fascinatingly so for me. I volunteered partway through, as was inevitable. I wound up playing a particular emotional facet of a character (what did I say about symbolism?), in which I was on the floor in a fetal position shutting everything down. It's bad improv, but I was asked to play this very focused facet of the character. Odd... but fascinating, to have multiple facets of a character on the stage at one time.

And that's it for me. As usual, head on over to Jennifer Fulwiler's blog for more 7 Quick Takes.

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