Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Anthology: VI

Did I tell you we have a cover? As with last edition, it's a photo of the lake. This year's is brighter, though, with very orange light on ice that's been thrown up on the shore. It's brilliant and dramatic. If you have access to Facebook, you might want to take a look-see at Lake Effect 4, which should be both a group and an event. The cover might be up over there. I'll post it myself sooner to the date of release (March 30th, I believe). If you want to order one and haven't, tell me ASAP.

The proofs are out now. I need to go over my section soon. I like the layout. It's elegant and simple. As you may be able to tell from my blog template, I like minimalism sometimes. (For future reference and in the case that I change my template, I have pretty much the simplest white layout possible.) I quite enjoyed going through the proof, reading the introduction and everyone's 25-word biography. What I ought to do--right now, more than likely--is check for required changes and reply to the facilitator so that she can communicate those required changes to the publisher.

I have also brought home my new tape recorder. I need to practice reading for the launch, and I am going to play back my practice readings for reference. I think doing it here, where only the dog can disturb me, is more valuable than trying it in Kingston, where my housemates are neither quiet nor unintrusive.

As a result of this whole process, I am more seriously thinking about going into the publishing industry, at least for temporary work. Perhaps I ought to be visiting Editorial Anonymous more often?


Jon Wong said...

DO IT!!!!!! And I refer to going into the publishing industry. This sounds horribly selfish but maybe you could help me publish my own creative work when I finish. I heard it's devilishly hard to get something published properly.

Cait said...

I'm so excited for Lake Effect 4!

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